Man suffers injury after falling on South Shields cliffs while playing Pokemon Go

Many Pokemon are lurking on cliffs in South Shields.
Many Pokemon are lurking on cliffs in South Shields.

A man has injured his foot after falling on cliffs in South Tyneside while playing Pokemon Go.

The 20-year-old stumbled and injured his left ankle on cliffs at Trow Rocks in South Shields last night.

A weedle dangerously close to safety barriers.

A weedle dangerously close to safety barriers.

It's understood the man was playing the popular mobile phone game which sees players track down virtual Pokemon characters at popular locations.

He rang 999 and Northumbria Police, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service and South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade (SSVLB) responded to the call.

After three hours man was carried by stretcher from the clifftop path to a safer location near the beach.

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Tom Fennelly, honorary secretary of SSVLB, is now calling for the providers of Pokemon Go to seriously look at where they are locating these sites before someone gets seriously injured or worse.

He said: "Placing these sites in remote unlit places where there is an obvious danger of people stumbling because they are looking at phone screens is irresponsible. People are seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. It is clearly dangerous to be wandering about the clifftops, beaches and piers at any time when your attention is elsewhere. To be doing so in complete darkness is an accident waiting to happen."

"We will always respond to any call for assistance to incident on and around the coast. In this incident, together with our colleagues from police and fire and ambulance, we were tied up for over three hours dealing with what turned out to be a minor injury. It could have been much worse and I would appeal to Pokemon providers and users to be much more aware of the consequences of their actions."

Mr Fennelly said that ironically the SSVLB Watch House on the South Pier is itself is a Pokemon Stop,

He added: "We have seen people of all ages wandering about at all times of night and day engrossed in their phones. One the face of it is a seemingly harmless activity which gets people out and about, but on the other hand unless it is done in a safe manner it can and does place people at risk of injury. Often these people are unaccompanied and the risk is increased in darkness."