Man talked down from cliffs at South Shields seafront

Emergency services were called to the cliffs at Marsden this morning after a man went onto the wrong side of the railings.

The rescue team was first called out to the cliffs at Marsden.
The rescue team was first called out to the cliffs at Marsden.

In the first of a double late-night drama, Sunderland Coastguard Rescue Team talked a person to safety at Marsden at about 2.45am.

A post on the Sunderland Coastguard Rescue Team's Facebook page said: "We were paged this morning to assist the police with a person on the wrong side of the railings in the vicinity of Marsden.

"With the police negotiators already on scene, the person was eventually talked to the right side of the railings and handed into the care of the police.

"South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade (SSVLB) were also in attendance."

The rescue team then dealt with another incident at Wearmouth Bridge, Sunderland, at about 4.35am.

The spokesman added: "On our return to the station a member of the team spotted a person in distress on the Wearmouth Bridge.

"As we pulled up the person was attempting to climb over the railings.

"Team members managed to stop the person doing this.

"Assistance from the police was requested while team members formed a barrier between the railings and the person.

"The person was then handed into the care of the police on their arrival.

"Remember, dial 999 in all coastal emergencies and ask for the Coastguard."

Anyone thinking of self-harming can call the Samaritans of Tyneside on 0191 232 7272 or Sunderland Samaritans for support and advice on 0191 567 7177.