Man threatened to bite hospital security guard’s face off

South Tyneside District Hospital.
South Tyneside District Hospital.

A drunken who wanted to fight a hospital security guard has apologised to a court.

South Tyneside man Dean Ahmed threatened to bite the security officer’s face off during the incident.

Ahmed said he was ‘very sorry’ for the way he behaved at South Tyneside District General Hospital.

“They treated my nan,” he said. “They were brilliant with her, I shouldn’t have behaved how I did.”

The court heard Ahmed had been to a birthday party where he had been assaulted.

“Police took him to the hospital for treatment,” said Paul Anderson, prosecuting. “He was in the discharge lounge in the early hours when he became abusive.

“A security guard was called, and Ahmed, who was clearly drunk, was aggressive to the guard offering to fight him.

“Police were called and Ahmed was arrested.

“He said he would bite an officer’s face off.”

Mr Anderson told the court Ahmed was released after spending ‘a few hours’ in the cells.

Ahmed, 29, of Ryton Court, South Shields, admitted being drunk and disorderly on January 31.

He has previously served a term of imprisonment for an alcohol-related offence, the court heard.

Representing himself, Ahmed said: “I’d been jumped on by a couple of lads earlier.

“I’d been treated at the hospital, and there’s no way I should have behaved as I did.

“My father’s got cancer, and I am the carer for him.

“The hospital was brilliant with my nan, this won’t happen again I promise.”

The bench ordered Ahmed to pay £235 in fines and costs.