Meet the brave young hero who smiles through his health battle - and he's just 5

Meet Toby Horner - a brave little boy who never stops smiling despite battling a string of health issues.

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 6:00 am
South Tyneside Child of Courage Award nominee, Toby Horner, 5.

The five-year-old from Hebburn has a complex mixed form of cerebral palsy and faces the first of many operations in his life later this year.

But his family have hailed him as “caring and loving and a real hero to everyone that knows him.”

Toby Horner with his brothers Lucas, 18 months and Ethan, 3.

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Toby’s fantastic outlook on life has put him in the running for a Best of South Tyneside Award in the Child of Courage category.

Mum Tracey Horner, 34, said: “His whole life so far works around therapies and daily care but he does it all with a smile on his face. He has a very silly sense of humour and loves to laugh. He is caring and loving and a real hero to everyone that knows him. Everyone that meets him loves him instantly.”

He’s a wonderful big brother to Ethan, 3, and eight-month-old Lucas, while mum Tracey and dad Adam, 34, could not be more proud, said Tracey.

She described how, after a healthy and natural labour, Toby suffered “an acute hypoxic injury. This meant his brain was starved of oxygen and he suffered moderate brain damage.

Toby Horner is all smiles for the camera, next to mum and dad Tracey and Adam Horner.

“Due to this he now has a complex mixed form a cerebral palsy. He can’t stand or walk but crawls ‘bunny hops’ for independent movement around the house. This is something he only had the strength to do a year ago.

“He needs his liquids thickened and food pureed due to an unsafe swallow, and he has unco-ordinated movements in his upper body making fine motor very difficult. Due to his whole body being affected he also has very unclear speech.”

Tracey said Toby’s treatment regime includes;

l Physiotherapy every day.

All the family together. Toby is pictured with mum and dad Tracey and Adam Horner, as well as brothers Lucas, 18 months and Ethan, 3.

l Speech and language therapy every day.

l Hydrotherapy every week.

l Twice-a-year treatments from a neurologist.

l And twice-a-year treatments from a paediatrician.

Toby Horner is full of smiles for the photographer. He's pictured centre along with mum and dad Tracey and Adam Horner, and brothersLucas, 18 months and Ethan, 3.

Mum added: “He is due his first big surgery on his legs towards the end of the year and sadly this will be the first of many throughout his life.”

Toby, who attends Percy Hedley School in Killingworth, will need an operation to cut the tendons in the backs of his legs to help lengthen the muscles. He will also be in a cast.

Tracey added: “It is going to be uncomfortable for him and it will mean a large amount of therapy to get him standing again.”

But this is just the first in a series of operations that his family believe he will face.

“His left hip is coming out of its socket and it is very likely he is going to need an operation on his left hip,” Tracey added.

“And there’s probably going to be lengthening surgery on his leg as well.”

South Tyneside Child of Courage Award nominee, Toby Horner, 5.

But Toby remains “a happy smiling person,” said his proud mum. “It doesn’t matter who he meets. They fall in love with him straight away.”

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