Meet the candidates for Fellgate and Hedworth standing in the South Tyneside Council elections

Here the candidates for Bede explain why you should vote for them on May 3.

Thursday, 26th April 2018, 10:59 am
Updated Friday, 27th April 2018, 11:31 am
Clockwise from top left, Geraldine Kilgour, John Robertson, Malcolm Giles, David Wilkinson.

Geraldine Kilgour (Labour) 

Since being honoured to represent you in 2014 there have been some challenging, but always very rewarding and fulfilling times.

Have you decided who's getting your vote?

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I feel humbled and privileged to be in a position, which allows me to make a positive difference.

I reluctantly accept that I can’t make everything better, but I do try. I will never take you for granted or become complacent.

Audrey, Alan and I make a strong and happy team.

I was raised on our amazing ward and simply love it!

Have you decided who's getting your vote?

I seek your support on 3 rd May in order that I can continue to support you.

Malcolm Giles (Green)

A vote for the Green Party is a vote for positive change. Please vote Green on May 3rd

David Wilkinson (Lib Dem)

I’m a family man named David Wilkinson with a partner and one daughter.

I grew up in the ward and still live here, operating a property business from home.

I started my working life as a tradesman in the local shipyards, but went on to be university educated as well.

Being influenced by a decade stay in Scandinavia, I believe in the NHS and a state that looks after its people.

In fairness and equality. In education for all and opportunity for all.

In collective responsibility and fairer taxation. Sound economics and social mobility. In political reform and social reform.

John Robertson (Independent)

I’m a Jarrow lad who wishes to represent local residents within the  Fellgate / Hedworth / Calf Close ward.

In the past I have previously stood as a candidate for the Primrose ward,in the 2011 By- Election and narrowly missed out whilst securing 35%  of the vote.

If I am voted into this position I promise to represent all residents in all matters that are within my capabilities and knowledge.

The ruling Labour party has a stranglehold within the borough and I believe that I can start a movement of Independent candidates, which can ultimately see this council run be Independent councillors within 5 years of this election.

 David Morris (Conservative) – no statement or picture provided

Chris Binding , Local Democracy Reporting Service