Memories of Binns salon - where you came out feeling like '˜Rockerfeller'

I always knew you were a cut above, so when I wondered whether the old Binns store in South Shields had a hairdressers, you were quick to come up with the answer, and provide a great many snipping and styling memories of the past.

Monday, 6th November 2017, 1:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:12 pm
Memory Lane September 1966 hairdressing beauty Jennifer Laws - Miss Mariner and Miss Sportswear

Alice McLachlan took to the Gazette’s Facebook page to confirm: “Yes there was a hairdressing salon in Binns store, I used it for best part of three years,” while Lynda Lamb added: “Yes there was a hairdressers in Binns situated upstairs. I recognised one of the hairdressers called Hilary Gavin from a shop at the Lawe Top.”

Lisa Wilson took to social media to post: “My mam, Carol Wilson worked at Binns for years, first South Shields then Newcastle, until the stores closed down. We also went there to have our hair done. Loved that shop, happy memories!”

Memory Lane January 1976 Salon hairdressing

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Elspeth Scarfidi told how: “I had my hair cut at Binns and still use the same hairdresser now,” while Michelle Heslop explained that she “did my YTS at Essanelle in Binns, South Shields, and loved every minute. Had some hilarious things happen to me there and loved the salon and the staff and all the memories”.

Many other readers were quick to say how they used to go to Binns to have their hair cut and preened, including Anita Short, Sarah Rice and Gillian Lewis.

Sheila Catley revealed: “My mam worked there in the 1930s,” and Jackie Walker told how “I got my first spiral perm there”.

Angela Riani-Carter got in touch to say: “I started S&L Seligman and Latz, as it was then in 1978 to 79. It changed to Essanelle soon after. My first weekly wage as a first year improver was £52. I was over the moon,felt like Rockerfeller.

Memory Lane January 1976 Salon hairdressing

“Staff there were Doris Osman, Linda Campbell, Wendy Grant, Joanne Pears, Glynis Ord, Sexton Alison Peggy, can’t remember the manager’s name (short dark hair, don’t know if anyone else can?) and Cheryl whose hair I did for my interview – cut a fab wedge.

“Then came Anne, bless, so sad she’s gone, far too young, and Josie, who I believe passed away, as has Val, one of our managers. Different lifetime but full of very very happy memories.”

Wendy Price said: “My mum took me to Mr Derricks every six weeks when I was little, then as I got older, we’d both go Binns to have our hair done. Afterwards we’d have lunch in Binns’ restaurant. Happy times with my mum x.”

Anne Ray revealed: “I went regularly, so did my family. Doris was my hairdresser and still go to her salon to this day. Barry and Doris have their own salon bottom of Chi,” while Gwenneth Bunting added: “Yes I went there regularly, I still have the same hairdresser, 38 years later. How’s that for loyalty?”

Eileen Gordon also took to our Facebook page to say: “Yes I got my hair cut there while I worked there, Doris used to cut it.”

Shell Chandler got in touch to say: “Wouldn’t go anywhere else to have my hair done, Angela was the best,” while Jean Broughton McDonald told how she “used to be the receptionist there in the 50s”.

A lot of readers describe themselves as former regulars, including Helen Hancock, who said: “I went every Friday afternoon with Jackie Davis,” while Lianne Douglas added: “I used to go there regularly at one time.”

Tracy Ford was another visitor to the saloon, explaining how: “My dad’s cousin, Wendy Grant, and my sister, Kerry Bullock, worked there once upon a time,” while Jacquie Illingworth posted: “Yes, I did. Had some great styles from Wendy Grant, and a lot of laughs too.”

What are your memories of Binns?