Metro DaySaver price to rise - but other tickets frozen or cut

Nexus Managing Director Tobyn Hughes
Nexus Managing Director Tobyn Hughes

The cost of a return journey on the Metro is to rise next year.

But other prices will be frozen or even cut.

The cost of a one zone Adult DaySaver ticket will be increased by 10p from £2.70 to 2.80; the two zone DaySaver is up by 20p from £3.70 to 3.90; and the all zone DaySaver is up from £4.60 to £4.80.

But the cost of standard adult single Metro tickets will be reduced by 10p from January 2 and the 60% discount for young people aged 16-18 and 30% discount for students will be maintained in 2016 and the price of a single journey on the Shields Ferry will be reduced by 10p.

All commercial child ticket prices and the cost of the Metro Gold Card, which offers pensioners and people with disabilities unlimited off-peak Metro travel for £12 a year, will be frozen for another year.

Nexus Managing Director Tobyn Hughes said: “We keeping Metro fares as low as possible in 2016 while offering savings to customers.

“By keeping the fares low we can build on the growing number of passengers who are using Metro. Passenger numbers are at a five year high having passed the 39 million mark earlier in the year.

“The price of some fares is being reduced, while customers who choose Pop Pay As You Go can take advantage of an enhanced discount and a fare cap, meaning they’ll always pay less for single and daily travel.

“The average increase in the fares has been set below the rate of inflation for another year. Although some fares have to rise to help to offset increased running costs, Metro remains a very cost effective way to travel.

“I’m really pleased that we have been able to maintain the significant discounts we offer for students and deliver another price freeze for children, young people aged 16 to 18, and Gold Card holders.”

There will be greater product flexibility for Metro season ticket holders with the introduction of zonal MetroSavers, a move which will deliver significant savings for some Metro customers.

and price reductions will also be applicable for a range of other tickets.

The 2016 fares were agreed at a meeting of the North East Combined Authority’s Transport North East (Tyne and Wear) Sub-Committee (TWSC) earlier today, Tuesday 24 November.

The plans will see fares rise by an average of 0.4%, which is below the 1% Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of UK inflation as of July this year.

The price of the one zone annual MetroSaver will be reduced by £35 to £415; the price of the two zone annual will be increased by £52.50 to £535 and the all-zone annual MetroSaver will go up to £575 from £515.