Metro hold-ups after worker's leg trapped between train and platform


Passengers faced more Metro delays this afternoon after a member of staff's leg became trapped between a carriage and the platform.

Fire fighters and paramedics were called out to free the worker, a member of Metro's customer service staff, after the traumatic incident at a train station.

The incident happened at Central Station in Newcastle at about 12.35pm today, and caused delays on lines to Airport and The Coast.

A Metro spokesman said: “Train services were halted on the airport line due to an accident to a member of staff at Central Station platform 2.

“Treatment was administered at the scene and the employee has gone to hospital with a leg injury.

“Due to the nature of the incident the train at Central had to be held there. This caused delays on rest of the system.

“Services were held up by 40 minutes and we’re back on the move at 1.20pm”