MS sufferer Paul delighted after stem cell fund raises over £1,000 in just two days

MS sufferer Paul George is fundraising for stem cell treatment.
MS sufferer Paul George is fundraising for stem cell treatment.

A South Tyneside dad with multiple sclerosis is over the moon after seeing donations flood in for his bid to pay for life-changing stem cell surgery abroad.

Paul George, 40, was diagnosed with relapse and remitting MS 10 years ago and has been forced to watched his life change as symptoms progressed.

Earlier this week the dad of one from Wilton Gardens, Boldon, appealed for cash to raise £40,000 to undergo a pioneering operation in Russia or Poland.

The treatment, called Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT), offers the possibility of slowing, if not stopping, the progression of his MS.

Now the fund has reached over £2,000 after generous people in South Tyneside came forward to help - raising £1,000 in just two days.

He said: “I am over the moon with the response. I now have over £2,000, so I have raised over £1,300 in just two days.

“Lots of people have been really generous donating large amounts such as £100 and £300, including people I haven’t seen in years.

“It‘s absolutely superb, so I am just going to push it as much as I can now.

“I am holding a coffee morning and raffle on Saturday from 1pm at The Crown Hotel in Boldon which anyone is welcome to come along to.

“I just hope to raise as much as possible as I still need another £38,000 for the treatment.

“The band The Shakes are also planning on putting on a gig to raise funds, but dates are to be confirmed.”

The once-active construction worker was just 30 when he noticed his sight had become blurred while he was driving to work and was rushed to hospital, where he was eventually told by doctors that he had MS.

He added: “For a while it was like nothing was wrong with me, but over the last year, it’s like I have slowly fallen off a cliff.”
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