Mum of redcap killed in Iraq loses latest legal battle in fight for justice

Pat Long.
Pat Long.

A mother whose son was killed by an armed mob in Iraq has lost the latest round of her legal battle for a new independent inquiry into his death.

Court of Appeal judges in London dismissed a challenge by Patricia Long against an earlier ruling by the High Court that she did not have a “right in law” to have another investigation.

Paul Long.

Paul Long.

Corporal Paul Long, 24, and five Royal Military Police (RMP) colleagues died on June 24 2003 after the police station where they were sent, in Majar-al-Kabir in south-east Iraq, to meet police they had been tasked to develop, was surrounded and attacked.

Lawyers for Mrs Long, of Jarrow, argued that all the formal inquiries so far, including an inquest, had failed to get to the bottom of how mistakes that led to the deaths were made - and who was responsible for them.

Mrs Long said: “I am disappointed that a new inquiry won’t be held in public.

“But at least I have the fact that they have admitted that they were let down by their equipment.

“Hopefully at the very least this will make them tighten their belts, so no other families will have to go through what we’ve been through.”

Today’s decision was announced by the Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson, sitting with Lord Justice Lewison and Lord Justice Underhill.

The judges said they were satisfied that Mrs Long “cannot require” the Defence Secretary “to hold another inquiry”.