Mum’s heartache at death of teenage dad-to-be who will never see his baby girl

Kyle Hardie, who was found dead just hours after being sent home from hospital.
Kyle Hardie, who was found dead just hours after being sent home from hospital.

A heartbroken mum has told of her devastation at the death of her teenage son – hours after he was examined in hospital.

Kyle McKinnon Hardie, 19, was found dead at his aunt’s home in Hebburn on December 17.

He had so much to live for and knowing he will never see his baby girl being born - it just breaks my heart.

Yasmin Thompson

As yet, the cause of his death is unknown – leaving his devastated family desperately seeking answers and his mother living with the fact that her son will never see his unborn baby daughter.

His mum, Nicola Thompson, who was a carer for her son – who had OCD, ADHD and an irregular heartbeat – is still struggling to come to terms with his sudden death after he returned from South Tyneside District Hospital, where he had gone complaining about pains in his side.

Miss Thompson, 43, said: “He was the life and soul of the party and he was a real home boy. The house seems so empty without him,”

Kyle’s devastated sister Yasmin, 24, said: “I know everyone says this, but he really was the best brother anyone could have wished for.

“He loved his niece (Elouise, four) and nephew (Lucas, six) and would love to spend time with them, he was so close to all of us and the kids’ dad Adam (Green) – they were like brothers.

“He had such a kind and soft heart. The kids are asking after him all the time. Each night they look out the window at the stars to say goodnight. It’s just heartbreaking. I was clearing out my son’s room the other day and I saw a letter he had written to his uncle Kyle in Heaven saying he would see him soon.

“He’s six years old and to see that and how much they are missing him is so hard.”

Kyle, who was born in South Tyneside, moved to Dundee in Scotland to live with his dad Neil Hardie at the age of four, returning to his mum’s home at Hill Park Road, Jarrow, during school holidays.

A huge football fan, he followed Dundee United and Chelsea. Following his dad’s death in 2010, aged 42, Kyle moved in with his mum permanently.

He returned to college to resit his maths and English at GCSE and went on to gain a certificate after completing an asbestos training course. He had one day hoped to work in demolition.

Mrs Thompson addad: “When his dad died he took it really hard. He never really got over it. Because of the move he missed out on some of his exams, so went back to college to do them.

“He just had so much to live for and knowing he will never see his baby girl being born just breaks my heart.

“He had split up with his girlfriend, who was pregnant, but they kept in touch and he was really looking forward to becoming a dad.”

His family say Kyle had gone to the accident and emergency department at South Tyneside District Hospital complaining of pains in his side and feeling short of breath.

He told his mum and grandmother, who had arrived at the hospital after he contacted them, that he had been given something for the pain.

However, his family says he was sent home after doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him.

His mum said: “He just kept saying he was really ill. We dropped him back off at his uncle Paul and auntie Michelle’s house, where he sometimes stayed, and his uncle says he was lying on the settee then he took himself to bed.

“The next day, Paul went into the room as Kyle hadn’t been up all morning, which was unlike him. That’s when they found him.

“They phoned for an ambulance and the police, but he had already gone.”

“His best friend Dylan McNulty has been so supportive. They were really close.”

The family say initial tests have not revealed a cause of death, although it was discovered his heart was enlarged.

The organ has since been donated to researchers.

A complaint has been filed with South Tyneside District Hospital by the family and the coroner has been informed of his death.

A service was held for Kyle on December 23 at the crematorium, with money in lieu of flowers raising more than £350. It is being donated to the Caring for Kian fund.

Dr Shaz Wahid, South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust’s Medical Director, said: “Our staff were very sad to hear about Mr Hardie’s tragic death and our thoughts and sympathies are with his family at this extremely distressing time for them.

“We immediately launched a full review of the care he received at South Tyneside District Hospital and, of course, we are available to speak to family members if they wish.”