Mum’s heartbreak after doctors find Bradley Lowery has new tumour

Bradley Lowery’s family have been delivered a devastating blow with the news a new tumour has been found by his doctors.

The five-year-old from Blackhall has been undergoing checks this week to find out if pioneering antibody treatment he has been getting has had an impact on his condition.

The neuroblastoma cancer he has beaten once before has returned, with his parents Gemma and Carl told in December that despite rounds of chemotherapy, his tumours have not shrunk and they only have time left to spend with their boy.

The aim of the latest drugs is to prolong his life, with his loved ones rally round to ensure he has lots of good memories and fun.

But now Gemma has revealed that doctors have found the new tumour following a CT can and MIBG injection, which is when an isotope is injected into the patient and helps highlight abnormal cells.

He is still due to under go a bone marrow biopsy.

Bradley Lowery, pictured at home in the last week.

Bradley Lowery, pictured at home in the last week.

Gemma said: “I wasn’t going to post till I had official results but I feel like I need to let Bradley’s supporters know what’s happening with the scans.

“Bradley has had scans the last couple of days to see if treatment is working.
“Bradley’s consultant has had a look at the images and give us some information but we will have to wait for the official results.

“Unfortunately the results are not what we wanted to hear.
“Bradley scans show that there has been a small reduction in some parts however there is a new tumour on the bottom of his back.

“As you can imagine we are devastated and heart broken with this news as I really wanted the new treatment to work.
“We are not sure where we go from here as it will depend on his bone marrow biopsy results.
“Results won’t be back for another week.”

Unfortunately the results are not what we wanted to hear.

Gemma Lowery

At the end of the post, via the Bradley Lowery’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma, she added: “Why is life so cruel?

“Why do we have to get bad news time after time? Why does my baby not get a break?”