Mystery wedding dresses donated to South Shields YMCA

YMCA assistant Lorna Roddham with wedding dress donations
YMCA assistant Lorna Roddham with wedding dress donations

Let’s all get wed at the YMCA!

A mystery donor has given the organisation’s charity shop in Ocean Road, South Shields 12 brand new wedding dresses.

YMCA assistant Lorna Roddham is in need of new stock

YMCA assistant Lorna Roddham is in need of new stock

However - despite being just £50 a dress - staff are struggling to shift the outfits and have used them for their latest window display.

Sue Glossop-Freebody, who runs the store, said: “I have no idea where they came from, who bought them, or what they were originally intended for.

“They are brand new and appear to have been made in China. But they have never been worn, they really are lovely.”

She added: “We’ve had them for about six months and during that time we’ve only sold one to a lady who wore it for her 50th wedding anniversary.

“They come with am optional shawl too. There’s not many places where you could get a brand new gown for £50.”

Sue thinks perhaps the dresses haven’t been snapped up as they are rather small in size.

But the ever creative volunteer is confident they could be altered and points out they don’t even have to be used for a wedding!

She said: “Without sounding rude, they would be more ideal for a slimmer lady, I think they’re probably around a size eight, perhaps even smaller than that.

“But I think they could easily be altered, with a panel sewn in the back to give them a bit more room for the wearer to manoeuvre.

“Or they could be used for a teenager’s prom dress, they’d be able to be dyed a different colour.

“If someone used a bit creativity they could be getting a real bargain.”

While the store has an abundance of bridal gowns they are struggling in other areas - especially men’s clothing, handbags and jewellery.

Sue said: “We are in desperate need for new stock.

“We are crying out for men’s clothing in particular, but we also need other items like jewellery and hand bags as we have none of those at the moment.

“We will gladly accept any donations, just come on down and drop them off.”

The shop will also gratefully receive any good quality furniture and household items - but all safety and warning tags must still be in tact.

It’s not the first time the YMCA has had an eye catching window display, back in 2017 naked mannequins –with their modesty only protected by carrier bags – were used to highlight the charity’s need for extra donations.