National Hugging Day: The top 10 celebrities Brits want to hug

If you're in a need of a cuddle today - you're in luck!
Ant and DecAnt and Dec
Ant and Dec

Because January 21 means that National Hugging Day has arrived for another year. First celebrated in Michigan in 1986, the day was created as a means of encouraging people to hug their families and friends more often.

Be warned, though. Only a hug lasting seven seconds or longer can work the magic of releasing the happiness hormone to perk us up during this gloomy January, according to research.

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Andy Cope, Doctor of Happiness and Hugging Expert, said: "There’s research that indicates hugging releases hormones that are immunoregulatory and have a deep impact on the health of our immune systems.

"Hugging also releases dopamine, another wonderful chemical that can help stave off depression and, it’s believed, even Parkinson’s Disease. Dopamine changes how our bodies handle stress, both physical and social.”

Today, a list of the top 10 celebrities that Brits would most like to hug has been revealed - and there's a varied bunch on the list. Who would you pick?

1. Holly Willoughby

2. Adele

3. Michelle Obama

4. Amanda Holden

5. Ant & Dec

6. Cheryl

7. Kate Middleton

8. Taylor Swift

9. Will Smith

10. David Beckham

Research was carried out by Hey Duggee.