National Pet Month 2017: Show us your pet pictures

National Pet Month is celebrated from April 1 until May 1.
National Pet Month is celebrated from April 1 until May 1.

April 1 may be April Fool's Day - but it also marks the start of a month-long campaign dedicated to pets and their owners.

National Pet Month, a registered charity, launches its annual campaign today in a bid to promote responsible pet ownership by bringing together a number or organisations and you, pet owners.

The key aims of National Pet Month, which runs from today until May 1, include making people aware of the mutual benefits of living with pets, increase the public's awareness of pet care specialists and what they do and the value of companion and working animals.

And there are many ways you can help, whether it's holding a fundraiser for your favourite animal charity, telling your friends about how to look after your pet properly or just celebrating life with your favourite animal companion!

We would love to see pictures of your pets, whether they've got fins, feathers or fur - and don't forget to tell us their name!

In 2017, National Pet Month celebrates its 27th year.

You can register here to get involved in National Pet Month, and find out more.