Neighbours of trouble-hit Metro station welcome bodycam plan

Chichester Metro station
Chichester Metro station

Bodycams being issued to Metro staff have been welcomed by residents living near a trouble-hit station.

Chichester Metro Station has been the focus of a number of police operations in a bid to curb anti-social behaviour.

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Earlier this year, Coun Ed Malcolm called for action to make the area less appealing for youngsters to gather.
In recent months police, working alongside Nexus staff, have stepped up patrols and launched a number of operations to tackle the issue.
While officers are using a range of powers to deal with troublemakers, including dispersal orders – which can see a person banned from a marked area for up to 48 hours. If caught in the area within that time frame, they can risk being arrested.
A number of arrests have also been made in relation to anti-social behaviour during the course of operations that have taken place.
Fare dodgers have also been stopped and fined.
Now, news that Metro staff are now to be fitted with bodycams has come as a welcom move by residents living in the area.
One man said: “There is still an issue around the Metro station but I don’t think it is anywhere near as bad as what it used to be.
“I have seen youths hanging around but I’ve also seen police on a number of occasions in the area.
“Metro staff being given bodycams is a sensible approach as it protects everyone and it an easy of gaining evidence and identifying offenders.
“It can only help the situation.”