New 20mph zones set up near South Shields schools in road safety drive

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Motorists are being advised of a new 20mph speed zone and traffic calming measures near to schools in the West Park area of South Shields.

Local councillors Gladys Hobson, Anne Hetherington and Norman Dick are calling on drivers to check their speed to ensure they remain within the new limit.

The new zone includes Mortimer Road, Stanhope Road and Temple Park Road with additional traffic calming measures in place on Reading Road, Birchington Avenue and Oxford Street.

Coun Hobson said: “We welcome these new measures as we want our young people to have a safe journey to and from school, so we are asking motorists to check their speed in the new zones.

“We want to make drivers aware that the Reading Road area of West Park is now a 20mph zone. The speed limit is not just for the benefit of local students attending the schools in the local area, but for other pedestrians and cyclists, as well as motorists themselves.”

Work is currently being carried out within the area to create a second zone bound by Mortimer Road, Dean Road, Sunderland Road and King George Road, which will also include road humps in place on Cauldwell Avenue, Hartington Terrace and Oxford Avenue.

Local resident, Adam Kemp, 33, in Dulverton Avenue, said: “I myself have witnessed motorists driving at speeds of 30 and 40mph along Birchington Avenue which is an area with lots of children playing outside their homes.

“I’ve also had a car misjudge a corner and end up through the side wall of my old house. Luckily no one was in but it happened early in the morning as children were on their way to school.”