New bollards being installed in South Shields town centre to stop cars using pedestrian area

The site of the new bollard scheme
The site of the new bollard scheme

A new traffic management system which can halt a moving lorry travelling at 40 mph is to be installed at a South Tyneside shopping centre.

Bollards are currently being put in place at the junction of Anderson Street and Ocean Road in South Shields.

This will prevent unauthorised vehicles from driving into the pedestrianised area, enhancing public safety.

Council spokesman

A South Tyneside Council spokesman said: “The new bollards will replace the existing defective ones, allowing the traffic regulations for the area to be enforced more effectively.

This will prevent unauthorised vehicles from driving into the pedestrianised area, enhancing public safety.”

The Matador 4 system will include two fixed bollards either side of two sliding bollards which will move to allow vehicle access.

The design of the security scheme will include a loop at the front of the bollards which will detect and verify delivery vehicles before opening up and allowing access.

Work on the perimeter safety scheme, being carried out by Lynas Engineers based in Redcar, Teesside, started earlier this month, and is expected to be complete by next week.

Businesses in the area have been open as usual - despite part of the are being cordoned off to allow worker to carry out the installation.

Rob Lynas, Managing Director and founder of Lynas Engineering said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract by South Tyneside Council and are very much looking forward to demonstrating our vast experience of managing vehicle manoeuvres that make sure both vehicles and pedestrians can move around safely.”

The scheme has been designed to put a stop to car access on the busy street whilst still allowing for pedestrian and delivery vehicle entry, the Matador 4 security system is the most resistant bollard of its type and can halt a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 40mph.

The Lynas team will be working closely with South Tyneside Council on the installation of the perimeter security scheme with fitting being managed around an old concrete road and the existence of possible tram lines underneath the surface.