Newcastle legend Alan Shearer makes top 10 Premier League captains - but who is number one?

Alan Shearer.
Alan Shearer.

Football superstar Alan Shearer has been hailed as one of the best ever Premier League captains by referee Mark Halsey.

But who do you think made it to number one in his list of the top 10?

The referee, who spent 14 years as a top flight referee, revealed his top picks for

Speaking of the Geordie legend, who came at number eight in the chart, Halsey said: "When Alan Shearer was captain of Newcastle he would always try and get stuff off you, to help his team. He would be constantly at you trying to get decisions for his team. He got into your mind-set and as a referee you’ve got to be mentally strong and mentally tough.

"He would get at you to make you give that free kick that never was, or make you give them the 50/50s and perhaps sometimes he would try and be nice so you’d give them to him.

"As I say players knew what they got from me when I crossed that line, they knew I wasn’t weak. They knew I would give players a chance but as soon as they crossed that line they knew I would hammer them."

Do you agree with the

The full list

1. Steven Gerrard

2. John Terry

3. Matt Holland

4. Patrick Viera

5. Tony Adams

6. Roy Keane

7. Philip Neville

8. Alan Shearer

9. Ryan Shawcross

10. Stiliyan Petrov