Nine things you said about the planned pay rise for councillors

Gazette readers have had their say on the allowance rises, and they aren't happy.

Thursday, 28th July 2016, 1:57 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th July 2016, 2:59 pm
Jarrow Town Hall, where the allowances debate will take place

Commenters on our Facebook page are unanimous in their disapproval at the raise for councillors.

Among those having their say was former councillor Jim Hodgson.

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He said: “I was a councillor - came off in 1974 - no councillor ever got paid - we got a bus pass as it was night time meetings - the meetings went on till 10.30pm but the buses stopped at 10pm so you walked home.”

Robert Holmes said: “So when everyone else is dealing with cuts after cuts these lot decide to give themselves a raise. Absolute disgrace.”

Mark Young said: “ If they are so community focused and love the role as they claim them why not do it free.”

Pete Davies said: “Of course a conservative council would be honest and take a cut. MEH.”

Oliver Wallhead said: “What exactly have they done to deserve it? Just asking?”

Commenting on our website, user Kevr said: “I feel that a cut would have been more appropriate. My family have had to take cuts - we work, but for far less than before the economic downturn. I would recommend a 5% cut. Shame on expecting a rise - SHAME!”

caz10 said: “I agree council members should be paid for doing their job, but come on......this is a total disgrace.

“How on earth can they justify a pay increase when they’ve made so many people redundant to in their words save money!”

MissFit64, however, pointed out councillors do a public service which takes up a significant amount of their time.

She said: “Hands up any of those who would do the job for nowt. Not many I think. If you would, get yourself out there and do it.”