No sympathy for drivers caught out by new bus lane

The bus lane was introduced on Edinburgh Road in July.
The bus lane was introduced on Edinburgh Road in July.

Drivers have come under fire after falling foul of a new bus lane in South Tyneside.

The Gazette revealed yesterday that council chiefs in South Tyneside could rake in £210,000 in fines after more than 3,500 motorists were caught using the bus lane on Edinburgh Road on the Scotch Estate, Jarrow.

However, Gazette readers appear to have little sympathy for those caught out since the bus lane was introduced on July 24.

Commenting on the Gazette’s Facebook page, Kerry Harte posted: “Maybe these 3,500 people should also be questioned about their driving skills if they aren’t reading the road signs. How many other thousands of drivers have correctly read the signs and avoided a fine by going, the very publicised, right way?”

Daniel Maddison wrote: “If they can’t read the signs they shouldn’t be driving, it’s simple as that.

“It was advertised for over a year that this was going to happen and there were big yellow signs up in the weeks that followed the work being completed.”

Neil Stonehouse added: “I drive 50,000 miles a year and bus lane cameras have been operating for 15 years in England and Scotland, and I’ve never had a ticket because I don’t drive on bus lanes.

“It’s dead simple, especially if an old fool like me can work it out.”

Claire Greaves said: “How on earth can people claim they can’t see signs?

“They’re massive and it’s clearly marked on the actual road in massive white letters. If people can’t read signs or choose not to then they shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel of a car.”

Each ticket carries a £60 fine, reduced to £30 if paid within two weeks.