'No wonder the town's dead' - your reaction as change announced to South Shields junction plan

A roadworks scheme aiming to reduce congestion on a main route in and out of South Shields has drawn criticism from Gazette readers.

Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 12:17 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 12:20 pm
The existing layout at the junction.

South Tyneside Council hopes to modify its £8.1m Arches junction development, which is due to finish in the autumn,to add a large, landscaped mound on an extra quarter hectare of land.

The authority says this change is necessary to lessen the environmental impact of transporting tonnes of rubbish away from the site by road, as the mound would include soils excavated for the construction of the scheme. These would otherwise have to transported away as waste.

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The proposals aim to improve the overall traffic flow in and out of South Shields - and part of the scheme includes plans to change the Arches and Hobson Way/Elswick Way roundabouts into signalised junctions and create facilities for both pedestrians and cyclists.

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Here are some of your comments about the scheme from social media:

Kenny Elliott: "No need whatsoever! I use this road every morning and night commuting to and from work and even at 5.30pm it only takes 5 mins to get through! Spend the money on something more worth while STC!"

How the junction could look.

Margaret Jobes: "Traffic lights don't help traffic flow. Look at Anderson St/Ocean Rd. The lights created a problem where there wasn't one! Yes, this is a busy junction but this solution is over-complicated and expensive."

Neil Downey: "How many more minutes will this put on to a journey into South Shields and out back home as a result of queuing at MORE lights! No wonder the town's dead."

Bryan Jobling: "This area isn't a problem at all. It gets busy at rush hours but everywhere does. They've just put traffic lights up on Mill Lane roundabout by the Lakeside which are stupid as I never waited there before but now I do?"

Gordon William Allen: "Totally unnecessary project. Underpasses and overpasses keep traffic moving on the roads. Traffic lights will add to the misery of queuing ... it is a diabolical waste of cash. Spend the money addressing the dangerous potholes and poor surfaces of the roads around Shields."

How the junction could look.

Mandy Jameson: "It’s a shame the council have to spend the money allocated for road improvements on just that and can’t spend it on the areas they want to and need to improve.

"They have to spend it or we lose it sadly. At least they’re doing things to improve our town when and where they can with what we get.

"I do think the traffic will flow better at rush hour and there should be a lot less scrapes on the small roundabout at Starbucks when lorries and car both turn right up towards Shields."

Oliver Wallhead: "I truly cannot see how this will improve traffic flow in that area if you add lights. I have never had to wait at the existing roundabout.

"You have to wait further along at the Tesco however where they have, guess what? Lights."

Steven Johnston: "Bad idea. Nowt wrong with the roundabouts the way they are."

Brian Cawkwell: "What it needs is a flyover where the roundabout at Vic Youngs is to enable traffic to go to Jarrow and the tunnel . No traffic lights are needed."

Following the scheme's approval, council bosses said that while delays are "frustrating" for motorists, the project will deliver huge benefits to their journeys in future - and boost the borough’s economy.