Is the North East set for another wintery blast?

Forecasters have warned that snow could make a return to the North East.

Wintery walks could be an option this weekend.
Wintery walks could be an option this weekend.

Frost is forecast in northern parts of the country tonight and wintry showers are expected as far south as the Midlands as we approach the weekend.

According to the Met Office five-day forecast, the cold start to today is likely to continue into tomorrow and on through the weekend. Showers in England and Scotland will turn to sleet or snow on the hills, with frost expected across the country - particularly in rural areas.

Thursday will bring wintry showers in the North East of the UK and while the weekend will be largely dry, any rain will likely fall as sleet or snow in the North and on higher ground in the far South.

No severe weather warnings have been issued for the next five days by the Met Office.

Forecasting service Exacta Weather has forecast a major snowy period that could hit before February 12.

And their forecasters predict that the cold snap could be the beginning of a prolonged spell of cold weather in the UK: “In addition to the upcoming snow, some of the accompanying and strengthening winds could also bring some blizzard type conditions to places within this period, and the transition to colder weather will also bring widespread frosts and icy patches for many.

“This transition to colder weather will also continue into the following week and for much of February, with additional widespread snow events to follow thereafter.”