'Not in my name' - 12 things you said about airstrikes in Syria

Two-thirds of readers have backed the idea of MPs getting to vote over airstrikes in Syria.

Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 9:29 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 9:36 am
There will be a second debate on Syria today.

A second emergency debate is due to take place in Commons today, following a three-hour session on Monday. Following conversations across the country, we asked you in an online poll if you believed MPs should have the right to vote on any future airstrikes in Syria. The majority of you agreed that they should.

Strikes took place over the weekend following a suspected chemical attack in Dournma, which is estimated to have killed 75 people.The UK joined the US and France in mounting the strikes.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has criticsed Theresa May for her decision not to recall Parliament - and has called the airstrikes "legally questionable". He will speak in today's debate.

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Here's how you reacted on social media:

Marc Hope: "Nope. Any PM needs to have the authority to take action without it being turned into political point scoring aimed at destabilising the government.

"Especially in cases of one off airstrikes. To invade a country (like Iraq) then yes it should be a vote."

Steve Hall: "Always. It should never be the decision of one person. We live in a democracy not a dictatorship."

Marshall Normington: "The PM is the person voted in to press the red nuclear button if required. She has the responsibility for this.

"The other MPs should be ashamed to use this for their political gain."

John Wild: "Definitely not. That is the reason she has a cabinet.

"Waiting four days for Parliament to return to work simply isn’t an option, in this case it would give the Syrian regime time to move weapons or to move troops into the area which would have made the situation much worse."

Bill Walton: "There were precedents set during previous conflicts so on this occasion no. We were only bombing a chemical plant. If it is troops on the ground yes we should have a vote but that won’t happen in Syria."

Paul Summerside: "No. We elect a government to act decisively on any matter of National Security.

It's fine debating sugar tax, fracking and immigration etc. But on matters such as this, no."

Peter Dixon: "It should be a democratic vote by all MPs."

Steve Brennan: "What is the point of having a government if they can't make a decision?"

Kevin Leary: "Let's all support the use of chemical weapons on civilians then?

"The UN has been worse than useless and Assad has been warned against the use of these several times,we cant just run away and leave defenceless civilians to be slaughtered in this manner and claim self respect."

James Sampson: "Not in my name."

Den Trueman: "She did the right thing sending in the air strikes and am proud of her for doing what she did."

Kevin Bolton: "No they shouldn't the government should have authority to carry out limited strikes without the say so of parliament."