November 22, 2003: Fourteen years since little-known Snow Patrol played Sunderland bar

Snow patrol leader singer Gary Lightbody.
Snow patrol leader singer Gary Lightbody.

They have played at some of the world's largest arenas and festivals and even made a brief appearance in television hit Game of Thrones.

Yet November 22 marks 14 years since a then up-and-coming Snow Patrol appeared in a Holmeside bar in the centre of Sunderland.

A cutting from the Sunderland Echo promoting the 2003 show.

A cutting from the Sunderland Echo promoting the 2003 show.

The rock band, whose hits include Chocolate and Run, played Bar 36 with tickets costing a fiver.

Having formed in 1994, it's fair to say that singer Gary Lightbody and co were a slow burner with the band considering quitting until record label giant Polydor signed them not long before the Sunderland gig.

As Lightbody himself, later to play a cameo in Game of Thrones, told the Sunderland Echo on the eve of the Bar 36 show: "We were in disarray. In the darker days we feared we would finish.

"But we kept on writing. We always kept the faith. We believed in what we were doing and felt great about the songs we were writing."

As for Bar 36, it briefly claimed a reputation for hosting tomorrow's music talent today with Bloc Party and Kasabian also appearing there early in 2004.

It later became Independent before the same venue moved across the other side of Holmeside to its current home.

While no set list appears to exist for Snow Patrol's Sunderland show, here's the songs they performed two nights later at Derby's Victoria Inn.


Gleaming Auction

One Night Is Not Enough

Spitting Games


Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking

Ways & Means


Tiny Little Fractures

Black and Blue

Post Punk Progression