Number crunchers begin calculating this year's Council Tax rates

Council number crunchers have began calculating how much people in South Tyneside must pay in council tax this year.

A report on the borough’s council tax base rate - which is used to determine the level of tax for individual properties - will be heard at tonight’s full council meeting in Jarrow Town Hall.

The document states that the equivalent of 100 new properties have been created in the borough since the last rate was calculated and there is a projected loss of 50 homes in the next financial year.

In total, 37,736 homes in South Tyneside will be eligible to pay the tax which is graded from band A to Band H.

Councillors will be recommended to agree on the rate for the next financial year.

The report states: “In accordance with the Local Authorities (Calculation of Council Tax Base) Regulation 1992 Council agree that the amount calculated by the South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council as its council tax base for the year 2017/2018 shall be 37,736.”

The actual rates residents will have to pay is expected to be revealed next month.

Last February was the first time in recent years there had been a hike in the tax rate which came in at 3.9%.

Instead of providing additions grants, the Government had allowed 2% of any increase in Council Tax bills to be ring-fenced to help meet rising adult social care costs.


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The council is unable to increase council tax higher than 2% without holding a referendum.

Tonight’s full council meeting will start at 6pm.