OAPs no longer in a spin over dryer

NO MORE WASHDAY BLUES ... for Ethel Godal, left, and Dorothy Elliott.
NO MORE WASHDAY BLUES ... for Ethel Godal, left, and Dorothy Elliott.

IT has all come out in the wash for relieved pensioners at a South Tyneside sheltered housing complex.

Residents at Frank Bushell House have spent weeks without a working dryer in the laundry at the complex in Tyne Terrace, South Shields.

As a result, they have been forced to dry their clothing and bedding in their one-bedroom flats.

It was a situation which enraged resident Dorothy Elliott, 74, especially as she pays £118 a week in rent.

Now the operator of the private housing complex, Affinity Sutton, has apologised for the delay and replaced the faulty dryer.

Today residents expressed their relief. “It shouldn’t have took this long, but it’s better late than never,” said Mrs Elliott.

Her neighbour, Ethel Godal, 84, said: “I was having to hang my washing out to dry in the bathroom. I have no relatives in Shields to do my washing so I had no choice.

“I’m relieved we’re back to normal at last.”

A spokesman for Affinity Sutton, said: “We are sorry about the delay residents at Frank Bushell House have experienced in having a drying facility re-instated.

“As soon it was brought to our attention that the washing machine and dryer were faulty, we arranged for them both to be repaired.

“Unfortunately, there was a delay in the dryer being repaired and because of the time it was taking, we took the decision to order a new one to minimise the inconvenience already being caused for our residents.

“The new dryer was delivered and installed on Friday. We have also arranged for the installation of a second washing machine so that if there is a failure with one, another will be in use.”

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