A look behind Amazon's gift-wrapping this Christmas

Amazon, which has huge warehouses in Doncaster and Edinburgh, has recruited an army of 500 present wrappers - who will get through 300 miles of gift wrap this Christmas.

The UK’s biggest online retailer has bought in 12,000 rolls of decorative ribbon - which would stretch for 700 miles if laid out - and 16 million gift tags to boot.

A gift wrapper hard at work for Amazon.

A gift wrapper hard at work for Amazon.

The Fulfilment Centre in Doncaster is around the size of five and a half football pitches, more than 415,000 square feet.

But that pales in comparison to the amount of gift wrap Amazon will get through as bosses reckon their 500 specially-trained wrapping recruits will use more than 50 square miles of red and silver gift wrap.

If laid out flat, the rolls of wrapping paper would stretch from London to Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Cheryl Wilson, who has worked as an Amazon personal gift wrapper for almost two years, said: “I’ve been wrapping gifts for years.

"Christmas time is my favourite time of year - I get to put all my skills into practice.

“There’s nothing better at this time of year than to get the Christmas songs playing at the wrapping station as we all get in the festive spirit and add the finishing touch to presents.

“I find it really special to wrap gifts that will sit under Christmas trees in homes around the UK, waiting to be opened.”

Cheryl, who has personally wrapped thousands of presents, said the best way to ensure perfect presentation is to put awkwardly-shaped gifts into boxes.

She said using a sticky tape dispenser, so you don’t have to hold the paper down and cut the tape at the same time, is also helpful for ensuring neat and tidy presentation.

John Tagawa, Amazon vice president of fulfilment centre operations, added: “Whether customers simply want a perfectly wrapped gift or are sending an item to a friend or loved one that they won’t see over the Christmas period, we are always happy to lend a helping hand.”