Aldi is combining two delicious products this Christmas with release of its chocolate wine

Fancy trying this tipple?
Fancy trying this tipple?

If you've got a serious sweet tooth your prayers are about to be answered by Aldi.

Its distinctive new chocolate wine is being released as part of the discount supermarket’s sweet dessert wine range.

It comes in at an impressive £9.95 a 500ml bottle, meaning that even if you’re not sure the combination will work it’s rather inexpensive to try out.

Described as “a chocolate lover’s dream”, the Rubis Chocolate Wine is made by blending Tempranillo grapes with premium chocolate essences to produce a fortified wine that’s ‘highly indulgent’ and has hints of smooth dark chocolate, fruits and dried figs.

The dessert wine range will also include a fruity Semillon, a Bordeaux dessert wine and a rice pudding wine and will launch this November.