Custard, rum and curry - 14 of your suggestions for a new Cadbury Dairy Milk bar

What's your dream chocolate flavour?
What's your dream chocolate flavour?

They do say chocolate goes with everything.

So we asked you for your most imaginative flavour combinations for a brand new chocolate bar, chosen by you.

Cadbury has launched a competition for chocaholics to create their own Dairy Milk bar - with plenty of ingredients to choose from including mustard, nuts and biscuit pieces.

Your ideas could lead to the next iconic chocolate bar - and we do quite fancy some of your designs.

Here are some of your suggestions from social media:

Shaun Orrell Henson: "Bring back Cabana bar ... it was milk chocolate outside, filled with coconut, with cherries in the middle."

Christina Gibbins: "Bring back Spiral Don't need to create one ... oldies are the best."

Allison Humble: "Flavours to each square like lemonade. lime, cream soda, strawberry, orange, blueberry."

George Harding: "Curry flavoured chocolate."

Ray Knight: "Banana or lime."

Yvonne Hunter: "Rum with nuts."

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Laura Gallagher: "Custard."

Astrid Newby: "Bacon and maple syrup."

Karen Johnson: "Rhubarb."

Shaun Orrell Henson: "Blackcurrant or rhubarb and gooseberry."

Kim Clark: "Gin and rhubarb."

Kat Wilkinson Scott: "Marmite."

John Hamilton: "Cider flavour."

Craig Bresnen: "Raspberry and cream."