Some can’t handle truth about the unexplained

WHITE HOUSE LAWN ... what would make you believe?
WHITE HOUSE LAWN ... what would make you believe?

MY recent article about an ancient animal skull and a human one which appeared to have a bullet holes in them created quite a bit of interest; more than any other column of mine this year, in fact.

Many readers informed me of similar anomalies.

Predictably, those of an inherently sceptical bent worked themselves into a state of high dudgeon at such an allegedly ridiculous suggestion.

“Neanderthal man never lived in Africa!” thundered a couple.

Really? And they know this how, I wonder? Absence of evidence is not absence of evidence. It is likely that Neanderthals did inhabit parts of Africa.

But even if it was unlikely, the absence of their remains there doesn’t mean that they didn’t live in Africa; only that they may not have – which isn’t quite the same thing.

Intriguingly, the thing that seems to have raised their ire the most is just the very idea that ancient peoples may have reached a degree of technological sophistication equal to, or even surpassing, our own.

I find this puzzling. On what logical basis can we say that? Civilisations beyond number have risen and fallen, many of them almost completely unknown to us, having left all but the faintest of archaeological traces.

It is simply arrogance in the extreme to pontificate that none of them were ever our equals in our understanding of the sciences. The evidence? Some very discomfiting archaeological finds.

Ancient stone blocks found in Cuzco, Peru, contain holes machined by high-speed drills, in which the score marks are still perfectly visible. You can watch an engineer testify to this HERE.

A fascinating article Stephen S Mehler, MA, accompanied by equally intriguing pictures, in which he details numerous other examples of ancient artefacts which show evidence of having been machined, can be found HERE.
Whatever one may think of the beliefs and ideas of Mehler and others in other areas of endeavour, no one to my knowledge has refuted their assertions regarding how these ancient artefacts were produced.

In fact, if you simply Google the words “ancient technology” you’ll find thousands of examples.

Some sceptics are doubters by nature and will never be convinced of anything that seems remotely unconventional.

I remember one time when UFO researcher Malcolm Robinson and I were speaking at a conference.

We ended up talking to an avowed skeptic who came out with the old chestnut, “I’ll believe extraterrestrial spacecraft have visited earth when one lands on the White House lawn.”

I asked him how he would react if that really happened. His reply? “I’d say, ‘Prove to me that’s really the White House lawn.’”

Of course, one can deny anything indefinitely by asking such absurd questions. But why would supposedly intelligent people go to such lengths to deny something?

The answer lies in the obsession that some sceptics have with insisting that scientific testing, experimentation and observation are the only reliable means of establishing the veracity of something.

Well, when you can pick and choose your own criteria for establishing truth, and ignore completely such things as multiple eyewitness testimony, you’re on a pretty safe bet, of course.

So what do you do with those pesky eyewitnesses who insist they’ve seen things you don’t want to believe in?

Why, it’s easy! You can just assassinate their characters and accuse them of lying. Or you can refer to those who don’t share your scepticism as “the woo-woo brigade”, “flying saucer-heads” or “intellectual Neanderthals”. Not much sign of scientific objectivity there, I’d venture.

You might prefer to take the words of credible witnesses who actually know what they’re talking about, such as astronauts Brian O’Leary HERE.
A nice pot pourri of astronautical admissions can also be found HERE.
They’re either outrageous liars, or they’re telling the truth, I’d venture. You’ll have to make your own mind up, of course, but living in the real world I’d have to say I see no reason for them to fib.

As one pilot remarked, “They’re there, we know they’re there and the doubters are just going to have to get used to it.”

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