UFOs, ghosts and a wolfman - what a strange old year that was

AREA 51 ... CIA documents have confirmed that it did exist.
AREA 51 ... CIA documents have confirmed that it did exist.

SO 2013 has gone, and what a strange year it was.

More scientists, governmental officials, military officers, security operatives and astronauts have come forward to affirm that UFOs really do exist, and that they are indeed controlled by extraterrestrial entities.

For years the US Government has denied that Area 51 – a top-secret research establishment in the middle of the Nevada Desert – existed.

Well, in August newly-released CIA documents confirmed that Area 51 did exist, but the heavily-redacted statements only acknowledged that work on secret aircraft projects took place there.

Those who believe in the existence of UFOs think that the redactions will ultimately prove to be more interesting than the bits we’re being allowed to read, and that they will acknowledge what we’ve known all along – Area 51 houses secrets about the UFO enigma that would shock the world were they ever to be released. Watch this YouTube video

Conspiracy theories had a fantastic run during 2013, the liveliest one being that the US dollar was about to collapse, and that the resulting social and economic meltdown would cause President Obama to declare martial law sometime soon.

There’s enough material on YouTube about this to keep you busy right through to the end of 2014 if you’re interested. (www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=GSZwxW0NaWw#t=17)

One of the strangest claims – although it might not be without merit – is that the US government is sticking coloured stickers on the mailboxes of its citizens to identify potential troublemakers when the Great American Meltdown takes place. Here’s another video

But it wasn’t all UFOs and conspiracy theories last year. The ghost of a woman in a long, white gown was seen drifting down a road in North West London, and what could turn out to be one of the most astounding poltergeist-like cases in history started to gain notoriety in Essex (watch for an exclusive interview in this column soon).

Finally, I’d like to mention a story which reached me about a very strange creature; a hair-covered, human-like entity with a head like that of a wolf. Unfortunately, the contact details for the witness were lost in cyberspace, so if anyone knows anything about this sighting, which may have taken place in either Washington or Sunderland, please let me know. It would certainly be a good one to start 2014 with ...

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