WRAITHSCAPE: Time we were told the truth about UFOs

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At the Citizens Hearing on UFOs, held in 2013, an incredible array of witnesses lobbied a committee of politicians and essentially said: “Look; there are hundreds of us who are prepared to tell what we know.

“Abrogate the security restrictions which prevent us from speaking out, and we’ll testify under oath that ET is real.”

You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know how true this really is.

Ronald Reagan

You can watch Part 1 of the hearing HERE on YouTube. (the other three parts follow):

Sceptical pontificators – whose confidence in their knowledge of the subject often vastly outweighs their competence – have often been forced to admit that the sheer volume of credible testimony simply cannot be ignored.

These are not members of the “woo-woo brigade”; some them are people who have climbed to the highest branches of their professional trees and have gained international respect.

In an effort to cling on to their hypothesis that – for some unstated reason – ET could not have visited us, they often resort to positing another idea; “Okay, I accept that such evidence exists”, they say, “but it’s not evidence of ET.

“The evidence is of highly-classified ‘black projects’ which are so advanced the technology is often mistakenly thought to be extraterrestrial.

“The government is happy to let people think these advanced craft are from another world to cover up the truth; they are the product of secret government projects being carried out on earth.”

Well, I’d have to agree – in part. Governments do manage black projects (or Unacknowledged Special Access Programmes, as the Americans call them) but thorough investigators who research the UFO phenomenon know full well that not all allegedly ET craft are the result of black projects.

How do we know this? Because classified documents which have been released under the Freedom of Information Act in the USA prove it.

Peruse them, and three things become clear.

1) the authors – often politicians and high-ranking people in the military and security services – unequivocally state that the craft are not the product of black projects.

2) They state that they really know very little about where they come from, but 3) they know enough to determine that they are not of terrestrial origin.

The governments face a dilemma. They know that we are being visited, but the visitors are very coy about exactly where they come from and why.

To announce that ET is real, but then to say that we haven’t a clue what they are up to and there isn’t much we can do about it anyway, would be politically catastrophic.

There are also very real concerns about the possibility of mass instability – politically, socially, religiously and culturally.

Would we see global panic? Could there be a worldwide economic collapse?

There are no certain answers to these questions, and so the governments err on the side of caution with a “Let’s keep it quiet for now”, attitude. It is easy to sympathise.

One of the most telling testimonies to the reality of ET came from President Ronald Reagan at a special screening of Steven Spielberg’s film E.T.

Over 30 people, including Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, gathered in the Blue Room of the White House to see it.

Spielberg recalls that “Nancy Reagan was crying towards the end, and the President looked like a 10-year-old-kid.”

Afterwards, Reagan tapped the director on the shoulder and said: “You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know how true this really is.”

Tellingly, the President wasn’t smiling.

I think it is time for sceptics and academics to stop ridiculing those who say that we have been visited and accept that there are some very credible people who insist they have the evidence they demand.

If they didn’t really have such proof, why on earth would they be demanding a Congressional Hearing to allow them to present it?

If sceptics join with those who know that ET is real, and demand that courageous scientists, astronauts, generals and politicians be allowed to speak, then they’d be able to do what they’ve been asking to do all along; examine the evidence and get to the truth...

If you think we’re always told the truth willingly about UFOs, check HERE and think again...