FEELING GREAT: Top tips to ease Christmas back pain

Christmas is just a few weeks away and that means you probably have a lot of gifts to wrap! (That’s if you haven’t finished wrapping everything up for Christmas Day just yet).

By Paul Gough
Wednesday, 9th December 2020, 12:00 am
Wrapping presents can be a pain in the back.
Wrapping presents can be a pain in the back.

For many of us, buying gifts for loved ones is enjoyable, but when it comes to wrapping it tends to be “one of those things that needs to get done”, which usually gets left to the last minute…

When I walked into the Physio Rooms Monday morning, I heard one of the girls in the office complaining about a bad back after wrapping her kids toys, and one of our clients was suffering from an aggravated back after sitting on the floor in awkward positions for a couple of hours at the weekend doing all the wrapping done in one go.

And if you’ve still got some last minute gift wrapping to do here are a few tips to help minimise the strain on your back and spine, so back pain doesn’t keep you stuck on the sofa in agony Christmas Day.

1. Avoid sitting on the floor

We all do it. It’s our first inclination to sit on the floor with all the gifts laid out, paper, sticky bows and tape. But all that twisting, turning and bending over doesn’t give your back, neck and shoulders much support, putting unnecessary strain on your muscles – so instead of wrapping on the floor, take your presents to the dining room table and sit on a comfy supportive

Chair. Using a table, or counter that is waist level will ensure you’re using your arms rather than your back and will help you maintain good posture.

2. Wrap as you buy

Ok, maybe this tip is a little late, but it’s a good one to keep in mind for next year – instead of trying to wrap all of your gifts in one go, break up the wrapping sessions and try wrapping your presents periodically or whenever you shop to help minimise the strain on your neck, back and arms. Doing this will ensure you’re not straining your muscles and sitting in a painful position for a long period of time.

3. Don’t forget to stretch!

Yes, even with gift wrapping it is important to loosen your muscles and joints. Simple stretches like toe-touches and arm raises can help to loosen tight muscles. Gift wrapping shouldn’t knock you out of the remaining festivities! Try implementing these tips with your last minute wrapping so you can enjoy the gift of Christmas.

For more information and tips about natural ways to live with less back pain – go to my website where you can get a free copy of my back tips guide: www.paulgoughphysio.com/back-pain