David Miliband: An important seven days in politics

THIS week is a hugely important seven days in politics.

Firstly, the death of Osama bin Laden is potentially transformative.

It reminds us all of the victims of terrorism.

It also speaks to the persistence and focus of the Obama presidency on al Qaeda.

And it opens up a new American political conversation in which the hard/soft boxes are challenged by a president who will talk about talking to enemies, but also take out the biggest foe.

There is a lot up for grabs here. Who wins the communications war in the muslim world; how US self-confidence is reinforced and how the Pakistan question plays out.

We must, above all, remember the victims of terrorism, and the brave troops that fight to keep us safe every day.

UK elections this week offer an opportunity to tell the Government it has let Britain down.

From the economy through to the disgraceful disorganisation of the NHS.

A good result for Labour will send a powerful message to Cameron and government.

With the referendum on AV there is a chance to seize the opportunity for constitutional reform.

A ‘no’ vote could banish any chance of further reform, including the House of Lords. This would be a tragedy.

So I will be voting Labour and voting yes to AV on Thursday.

I hope you will too.