Doesn’t time fly as kids grow up?

JACOB turns three on Saturday.

It’s a cliché – but parenthood really does fly by.

Jacob was born by Caesarean (C-section if you read Heat) because he was breech, and it doesn’t seem two minutes since his mummy and I were in the hospital waiting room.

It seemed a bit surreal at the time. There were two other couples there, waiting patiently for their turn as though we were all at the dentist’s.

Only when your name was called, you knew you weren’t exactly going in for a scale and polish.

Getting him home, his first Christmas, his first birthday, walking etc - all milestones that have come round all too quickly.

When I look at him now, he is a little boy. He talks like a little boy, he walks like a little boy and he screams in the middle of the toy aisle in B&M’s like a little boy/brat.

When you see him every day, it’s hard to see the changes in him.

But I spent the weekend getting all the old videos off my not-used-too-much-these-days camcorder, which went back to last summer.

It doesn’t seem that long ago, but Jacob is completely different.

There’s one bit where’s he’s standing in a paddling pool in the garden, holding two spades, bumbling something about “diggers”.

As he basked in the spring sunshine this weekend, he was pretending he was Fireman Sam, tackling a fierce blaze with his fire extinguisher/garden spray bottle.

When I say fierce blaze, it was just little brother Benjamin who, at 15 months, is not really fast, nor canny enough yet, to avoid the daily torment from his nutcase elder sibling.

There were videos of Benjamin on there too, just learning to walk. Evolving from bum-shuffling to pulling himself up and stumbling around.

He now runs everywhere, bouncing off all the walls. The days of putting him down on the laminate floor and watching him fly off are over.

There are rare times when he does shuffle that bum, but try to put him down to get him to do it, and he’ll kick, cry and scream to get on his feet.

It’s fantastic to see them come on and develop. Their speech is getting better and they’re interacting with you more, but it’s also sad to lose them as babies then toddlers.

Of course, I won’t be longing for the past when they both play for Man United and buy daddy a retirement island.