Don’t be embarrassed by measuring up

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IT’S the start of my six-week No Lippy before/after plan and my girls have turned up feeling nervous, a little apprehensive and excited to get started with their life-changing, fat-burning, healthy plan.

First port of call is to weigh, measure and photograph the girls, which is my favourite part of the plan.

Most of the girls are mortified when they see their photos, and sometimes this is what is needed to motivate them for the next six weeks.

No one likes having their photo taken when they’re unhappy with their body, least of all in a pair of jeans two sizes too small which only go to their knees!

All my girls are worried and embarrassed when being measured, but there’s really no need to be; I have measured enough hairy legs and fat bellies to last me a lifetime.

It’s important to have a starting point with a realistic goal.

Your body takes time to adjust to a new fitness plan and healthy eating, so give it 100 per cent.

Try your jeans on again and take another picture after week three.

By week six, your jeans will be up and fastened ...

OK, you may have a bit of belly hanging over the top, but it’s a great start to achieving your ideal shape and size.

The best advice I can give anyone wanting to start on a healthy weight-loss, inch-loss and fitness plan is to complete a full assessment of your body and fitness before you start.

How do you know what results you’ve achieved if you don’t know where you started?

Tune in next week to see how my girls are feeling after their first week.