EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: It didn’t take long for the Tories to show their true colours

MP Emma Lewell-Buck.
MP Emma Lewell-Buck.

This week, the Tories confirmed the suspicions of voters by attempting to bring fox-hunting back to Britain.

At a time when our country faces so many challenges, David Cameron decided that one of his first pieces of legislation after the election should be to make it legal for hunters to have a wild animal torn to pieces by dogs in the name of sport.

For me, that sums up exactly what is wrong with the Tory party’s priorities.

Luckily, campaigners and Labour MPs were able to mobilise opposition to the bill.

The Prime Minister wasn’t even able to win support from his own party, with a number of Tories indicating they would vote to keep the ban.

At last, when it became obvious that the vote was not going to pass, the Government withdrew the plans. Labour was right to introduce the 2004 Hunting Act and outlaw this cruel sport.

The British public agree. A 2013 poll showed that eight out of 10 people support keeping the ban.

And despite what some pro-hunt campaigners will tell you, it isn’t just people who live in towns who want the law to stay. People in rural communities are also more likely to support the ban than oppose it.

People across Britain agree that we do not want to see hunting taking place in our country, and it was wrong for the Tories to try to push through this change just to satisfy a noisy special interest group. I am proud that Labour has been able to defend the Hunting Act this week.

Although the vote has been delayed for now, the Tories may yet try to bring it back to the house. When they do, Labour and campaigners will be ready.

There is no place for a cruel and barbaric sport like fox-hunting in a civilised society like ours, and by pushing for the return of hunting with hounds, the Tories have shown that they are still the party of the past.

This week was the week that the Tories showed their true colours.