EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: Tax cuts will make life harder for families

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Since Parliament returned last week, Labour MPs have been hard at work demanding that David Cameron and George Osborne back down over their plans to cut tax credits.  

Their plans could be devastating for millions of working families, including 5,000 working families in Shields.

If the Prime Minister doesn’t back down, some of those families will lose more than £1,300 a year when the cuts take effect next April.

Tax credits aren’t out-of-work benefits – people who earn tax credits often work long hours for low pay. A lot of people simply wouldn’t be able to work without them.

By cutting tax credits, David Cameron is making it harder for people to find and stay in a job, and making it so millions of working families will be unable to make ends meet.

Labour MPs have been campaigning hard on this issue since the cuts were announced in July, and now the Government is starting to feel the pressure.

It isn’t just Labour MPs who are speaking out now – Tory MPs are slowly starting to realise that these cuts will hurt people living in their constituencies too, and several have urged the Prime Minister to think again.

On last week’s BBC Question Time a former Conservative voter in the audience tearfully told a Tory Cabinet Minister about the struggles she was going to have because of the cuts – she spoke for millions of people who feel betrayed by a party that they thought was on their side.

The Sun – which supported the Tories at the election – has come out against the cuts too.

Day after day more voices are being added to the call for the Government to abandon their cuts.

This is a policy nobody voted for; in fact, the Prime Minister said before the election that he had no plans to cut tax credits.

Now the Government is determined to do just that, against the will of the British public.

A Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, David Cameron said he was “delighted” that the cuts were going ahead. What a difference six months makes.

On Tuesday Labour called a debate demanding that the Government back down, and Labour MPs are working to get a further backbench debate next week.

So far the Government has stubbornly pressed ahead, ignoring not just Labour but some of their own MPs as well – the MPs who represent the very people that got them elected in May.

The Tories are so eager to go ahead with this cut that they have said they are willing to overrule the House of Lords by appointing a new wave of Tory Peers.

That would be a travesty, but it shows the lengths this Government is prepared to go to in their assault on working people.

Labour is not going to give up on this – the Government may have abandoned working families, but we never will.

If you agree with us that the Tories have gone too far, join us and speak out – together we can shame the Prime Minister into retreat.