Gazette readers have their say on future of GCSEs as educational leaders call for change

A majority of Gazette readers don’t think 16 is too young to sit assessed examinations, saying that it teaches children responsibility about working towards a goal even if they don’t get the result they hoped for.

Monday, 16th March 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 16th March 2020, 8:45 am
Educational professionals polled by a teachers union said GCSE’s should be scrapped.

GCSEs should be reformed or scrapped, according to a majority of school and college leaders polled by a teachers' union.

We asked in our Facebook poll: “Do you think children are too young at 16 to be assessed?”

More than 300 readers took part in the online vote and 65% said children are not too young to be assessed at 16.

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Here is what readers had to say:

Dany Maiden said: “A lot of young people work so hard for their GCSEs and it is a great achievement when they get their results. It helps them learn commitment and self worth. Even if they don't get the results they want it is a sense of pride to get through them and other options are always available as long as they want to work.”

Michael Jones said: “No but they need to understand getting poor results does not define the rest of their lives. It’s just part of the process. It’s like most studying and courses you only really start to learn when your working.”

Gillian McConway Morales said: “You can still have exams but I feel they should be mixed based on term assessments and an exam. Not everyone does well in exams but can achieve good grades in term assessments. There needs to be a balance.”