If the A19 is no ‘death gauntlet’ then the Department of Transport needs to produce the evidence

Queuing traffic on the A19.
Queuing traffic on the A19.

Five days into our A19 safety campaign and we’ve already racked up 500 signatures on our online petition and received the backing of the police ... but there’s been little noise from the Department of Transport..

It’s early days in our Safe A19 campaign, but we won’t stop until the Department of Transport launches an inquiry into the safety of this major stretch of road through our community.

If the statistics don’t spur the powers-that-be into action, then perhaps the words of our readers will do the trick.

You’ve not been shy in voicing your concerns about the A19.

Reader Jill Wilkinson dubbed the route “a death gauntlet.”

It is a grim moniker not given without some justification. There were three fatal crashes and 41 serious accidents in 2015 alone.

While we have yet to see last year’s figures the anecdotal evidence does not bode well.

Andrea Smith took to our Facebook page to express her fears. She said: “Feelings of dread each day of what’s in store to meet whatever carnage that has happened either side of this road. It’s a daily occurrence now something has to change.”

She was joined by Clint Gibson who said: “This road is lethal. Improvements are long overdue.”

While the police have backed our Safe A19 campaign, the noises from Whitehall have been less encouraging. Ministers questioned by MP Grahame Morris have promised nothing, instead appearing to blame drivers and suggesting the onus should be on the police who patrol the stretch of road.

That is simply not good enough.

If the Department of Transport believe the road is safe, they need to present us with the evidence.

In the meantime, we will rack up the signatures and air your concerns until they take note and we achieve a safer A19.