Katie Bulmer-Cooke: I really feel for the new batch of The Apprentice candidates

Katie Bulmer-Cooke
Katie Bulmer-Cooke

Goodness I feel nervous as the opening credits roll every week! The Apprentice truly is the most stressful process and I'm really feel for the candidates!

This task was all about creative thinking but also being mindful of the customer and producing something that is unique and can stand out in a crowded and growing market. Then of course you have to sell them at a decent price!

Project manager Sam was wonderfully creative but lacked in the leadership department and was lucky to escape the dreaded finger of firing!

Ellie, David and Richard shone in this task for both enthusiasm and sales respectfully and I think Vana might be a dark horse coming up on outside too!

I'm also a fan of Brett, I like people to be straight to the point- no fluff and he certainly isn't fluffy!

I'm still waiting for Selina to drop the attitude and show some energy...somebody pass her the rocket fuel!

I wasn't surprised to see Natalie get fired this week, she never really seemed like she threw herself into the process and got stuck in.

So the key business lessons to take away from this week's task...

1. Know your customer and have them at the forefront of your mind throughout the creative process

2. Do something to stand out from the crowd...be totally different from your competition (despite losing, I think Sam's team did create the best book!)

3. Know your numbers! NEVER go into a sales opportunity without being sharp in this area!

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