Labour would reverse closure of Jarrow Walk-In Centre

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I’VE had a categorical assurance from Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham that Labour would reverse the closure of our popular Jarrow NHS Walk-In Centre at Palmer Community Hospital.

To everybody who asks me what Labour would do differently if we win the General Election on May 7, I point you to a wonderful NHS lifeline – used by 27,000 people – that we’d keep and the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government would shut.

So I say now to local health bosses after their sham consultation: “Put down that axe and save the wonderful walk-in centre because Labour’s coming.

No way could the NHS survive another five years of a ConDem coalition, which pretends to know the price of everything yet proves daily that it knows the value of nothing.

The sooner we see the back of David Cameron, George Osborne, Nick Clegg and the rest of the mob the better.

I remember the Tory leader once claiming he’d be defined by the three letters NHS.

Those letters have been replaced by another three, SOS, with patients needlessly put at risk.

I’ve written to Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt calling on him to halt the closure of the walk-in centre. I won’t be holding my breath.

But I have that Andy Burnham promise.

Vote Labour to save the NHS.