Letter of the week: 'Too many security cameras watching our every move'

The precious privacy of the individual has been eroded by the constant attack on us by commercial institutions or CCTV cameras.

Is there too much CCTV surveillance across South Tyneside?
Is there too much CCTV surveillance across South Tyneside?

Some shops use every surveillance technique to intrude into our live.

Are we the most spied, filmed and recorded country in the world?

We are drawing ever closer to George Orwell’s chilling 1984 predictions as we sleepwalk into an unregulated uncontrollable surveillance state.

Related content: CCTV cameras and community wardens axed across South TynesideEvery time we leave our homes,we are recorded a few hundred times a day on CCTV in the streets and in public and commercial buildings.

A balance has to be struck between security concerns and privacy safeguards, but the pendulum has swung too far to favour state and commercial invasion of our privacy.

Related content: South Tyneside Council's bill for watching youThe data protection act is not strong enough to defend and protect our privacy.

We urgently need a new constitutional right to protect us from unreasonable surveillance.

So the next time you leave your house take a look upwards to see if you can spot a CCTV camera that is watching our every move.

Scott Andrews.