My new baby is proving a pain in the neck - what can I do?

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Q. I've recently become a mum for the first time and it's great, but my baby is causing me a lot of back and neck pain. What can I do?

A. “Becoming a parent brings significant lifestyle changes, which can contribute to the onset of back and neck pain.

Lifting and carrying children is a common contributor to back pain, and recent British Chiropractic Association research found nearly two-thirds of parents believed this was the reason their back pain had increased since having children.

“There are a number of simple steps parents can take to avoid placing unnecessary strain on their spines.

“Always lift with your spine straight and bend your knees to avoid leaning, stretching or bending.

“Try to limit the amount you have to bend down or reach up when lifting your child.

"For example, adjust the seat of your child’s high chair or lower the side rail of the cot before you lift them out of it.

“When carrying your child, hold them as close to your centre of gravity as possible.

"Avoid carrying your child on your hip too much, as this causes your spine to twist.

Alternating sides when feeding will also prevent you from placing an uneven load on your spine, which over time may lead to back pain.”