PM urges Leavers and Remainers to unite for a Brexit success ... and pigs might fly

Theresa May reveals Brexit plan
Theresa May reveals Brexit plan

Sometimes it feels that the more we’re told, the less we know.

Theresa May’s much anticipated speech on the UK’s priorities for Brexit is a case in point.

We are left with more questions than answers.

But when it comes to leaving the EU, it was ever thus.

There has been only one clear decision in the whole EU Referendum debate and that was the result of the poll.

After that, it has all been about as clear as mud.

Prime Minister Theresa May speaking at Lancaster House in London

Prime Minister Theresa May speaking at Lancaster House in London

The Prime Minister’s speech was at least clear on one key issue, we are no longer going to be a member of the European single market.

She is, instead, pushing to conclude a deal with the rest of the EU to give businesses the access they need to trade.

How that deal will look is another matter.

Theresa May has told us in very clear terms, not to expect clarity! As she says, there will be no “blow by blow” account of negotiations.

Many of those deals to “give British companies the maximum possible freedom to trade” will take place behind closed doors. We’ll be left in the dark. No change there then!

While the opposition parties have repeatedly called for detail and clarity, they know it is not in Britain’s interest to show its hand.

Her parting shot was a call for the nation to come together. She called for an end to division and the language associated with it and urged Remainers and Leavers to “unite to make a success of Brexit and build a truly global Britain.”

Like pigs flying, it might happen, but don’t hold your breath.

It’ll take more than words to unite the two factions.

Even a successful and prosperous Brexit wouldn’t guarantee it ... but it would be good starting point.