RICHARD ORD: Peppa Pig panic on World Book Day


WORLD Book Day got our day off to a wonderful start yesterday when our 11-year-old burst into our bedroom to tell us: “It’s World Book Day, and I haven’t got a costume!”

While I’m all for encouraging children to develop an interest in books, I need more than an hour’s notice to really do the day justice.

All the children in Isaac’s school had been told to turn up to class dressed as their favourite book character. A small fact that our Isaac had neglected to tell us, until that very morning.

“Well, who do you want to go as?” my wife asked him.

“Peppa Pig,” was his reply.

Notwithstanding the lack literary weight turning up to school as Peppa Pig would carry, a costume of the cartoon porker was something we didn’t have. And short of gluing ham slices on his school uniform, it was not a costume we could knock up in the 59 minutes to school time.

It was a dilemma I left to my wife while I went downstairs to do breakfast.

The result of her quick thinking and imagination ensured that he turned up to school in the possibly the least-impressive World Book Day costume I have ever witnessed.

Our Isaac appeared in the kitchen wearing a Jaws T-shirt and sporting a pair of swimming goggles on his head!

It may have been the least-impressive, but at least it was original. I doubt there’s many turned up to school as one of the kids eaten by the shark in Peter Benchley’s Jaws.

This was no boating accident, but it was as near as dammit.