Skin condition is making my son's life a misery

Teenagers who have psoriasis don't need to suffer in silence.
Teenagers who have psoriasis don't need to suffer in silence.

Q. My teenage son has psoriasis and it’s making his life a misery. What’s the best way of dealing with it?

A. “Psoriasis isn’t just a skin condition – I see a lot of patients who struggle physically, emotionally and socially with psoriasis and its associated conditions, so I’d urge you to talk to your son’s GP or dermatologist to ensure they know how your son is feeling and can assess his psoriasis from all angles.

“Unfortunately, we are yet to find a cure for psoriasis, but more information and support is becoming available to help people better understand what’s going on.

“Psoriasis is a condition which can wax and wane, so he may have some periods where his symptoms are relatively mild, and possibly others where he’ll experience more frequent flare-ups.

“By going back to a doctor regularly for a holistic review, you can help ensure your son has the right treatment plan and support to suit his needs. Be sure to watch out for some known triggers, including stress, cold weather and certain foods.

“Teenagers with psoriasis will commonly go on to experience symptoms in adulthood, but there is help available and your son needn't suffer in silence."