STEPHEN HEPBURN: Cameron plots coup for permanent Tory rule

David Cameron.
David Cameron.

It seems as if David Cameron is taking pointers from dictators the world over on how to rule with an iron fist and crush critics.

This Tory’s plotting his own coup to impose permanent Conservative rule on Britain.

Millions of people will lose the vote under Tory plans to impose individual registration without guaranteeing local authorities the staff and resources needed to keep the electoral register up to date.

The Tories know what they’re doing by rushing into this, ignoring the advice of their own watchdog.

Disenfranchised, deprived of a voice, will be the younger and poorer and families forced to move house regularly in the private rented sector.

In other words, those who might vote Labour and are unlikely to be natural Conservatives. The drive is motivated by naked Tory advantage.

After Mr Cameron has slashed the number voting to give the Tories an advantage, his next scam is to reduce the number of elected MPs from 650 to 600.

I agree there are too many national politicians in Britain, but they’re not the elected representatives you choose at the ballot box in parliamentary constituencies such as Jarrow and South Shields.

They’re the 814 unelected, £300-a-day appointed members of a House of Lords that Mr Cameron’s packing at a record rate with his chums and Tory donors to turn a democracy into his chumocracy.

Mr Cameron’s replacement of the elected with the unelectable is another Conservative swindle when the way boundaries are redrawn will weaken Labour and strengthen the Tories.

It’s an outrageous fraud when his fiddle will entrench a Tory bias when at last May’s General Election it required only an average 34,244 votes to elect a Tory MP – more than 6,000 fewer than the 40,290 for every Labour MP.

The Liberal Democrats finished with one MP for every 301,986 votes. For the Greens it was a single MP for 1,157,613 and Ukip an MP for 3,881,129 votes, yet Mr Cameron’s coup will entrench the Tories.

And then there is his racket to ensure predominately working class regions such as North East England are forever subordinate to the interests of the wealthy elite.

I value the strength and history of Great Britain and want England, Scotland and Wales to stick together.

The Balkanisation of Britain, breaking us up, would weaken each country and we’d be diminished on the world stage.

I recognise devolution in Scotland and Wales’s demands for political reform in England but EVEL is yet more Tory duplicity.

EVEL (English Votes for English Laws) is superficially attractive, but hoodwinker Cameron’s sharp practice on when and which MPs vote not only politicises the role of the Commons Speaker, who is supposed to be a neutral referee, it entrenches Tory rule from London.