STEPHEN HEPBURN: Cameron putting ‘con’ back into conservative

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WITH 10 weeks to go to the election, David Cameron’s putting the ‘con’ back into Conservative.

Tory talk of a jobs “miracle” shows that this privileged mob must be living on another planet.

I believe the young deserve a chance, every worker deserves a decent day’s pay for a decent day’s work and we’ve got to end the waste of talent when older employees are chucked on the scrapheap.

Yet too many people on Tyneside can’t find work or are forced to work for a pittance while the spread of the economic virus that is zero hours contracts is a modern curse.

Cameron and his Liberal Democrat nodding dog Nick Clegg are taking the country backwards by recreating Victorian working conditions.

In the five years the Tories have wielded power one thing is clear: they’ve let down our area in exactly the same way Thatcher painfully failed an entire generation in the 1980s.

People can put in a full week’s work yet remain on the breadline.

Working people are typically £1,600 a year worse off under the Tories.

So it makes my blood boil that in the 21st century we’ve working people forced to turn to their local food banks just to make ends meet.

You have my word, a future Labour Government would improve life massively for the better.

We’d raise the minimum wage to at least £8 an hour, guarantee apprenticeships for every school-leaver who gets the grades and eradicate zero-hours contracts.

Labour would build more homes, scrap the bedroom tax and revive the NHS by forcing the richest to cough up instead of avoiding tax and levying a charge on the lucky few with homes worth £2m and upwards.